Class: 2011 March 11: Kamma

The class on Friday 2011 March 11 7pm – 8:50pm will be facilitated by Steve.

The topic of the presentation will be a partial look at the Theravada Buddhist concept of kamma through some isolated aspects of that concept.

The discussion will cover

  1. The sutta titled “Unconjecturable” ( Anguttara Nikaya 4.77, the Acintita Sutta )
  2. The sutta titled “To Sivaka” (Samyutta Nikaya XXXVI.21, Moliyasivaka Sutta ) both the translation done by Nyanaponika Thera and the translation done by Thanisarro Bhikku
  3. “The Shorter Exposition of Kamma” ( MN 135 Cula-kammavibhanga Sutta )
  4. “The Great Exposition of Kamma” (MN 136 Maha-kammavibhanga Sutta only sections 15 – 19 starting from the heading “The Great Exposition of Kamma” )

Please note, only the translations and versions of the suttas described above will be useful for the discussion. Clicking on the links above will take you to the suttas on Access To Insight and you may print out your own copy.  Steve will be bringing 10 copies.

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2 Responses to Class: 2011 March 11: Kamma

  1. divadsirrah says:

    Great job Steve, you and the bhante made it an experience

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks divasirrah!

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