Class: The Brahma Viharas

The discussion on Friday 2011 April 22, 7pm – 8:50pm, will be facilitated by Robert.

The Brahma viharas will be discussed.

Robert is not requiring any of these readings to be brought to the discussion. Choosing to read any of the readings ( mostly short ) will be sufficient to prepare for the discussion:

AN = Anguttara Nikaya ( The Further-factored Discourses )
SN = Samyutta Nikaya ( The Grouped Discourses )

The Brahma Viharas are 4 mental states that the Buddha encouraged people to cultivate to reduce suffering in their lives:
  1. metta ( goodwill or loving kindness )
  2. karuna ( compassion )
  3. mudita ( being happy for others )
  4. upekka ( equanimity )

“Bhrama” means “a great being”. “Vihara” means an abode or a dwelling.

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