The Visuddhimagga, Now Online

From Wikipedia

The Visuddhimagga, or The Path of Purification, is a Theravada Buddhist commentary written by Buddhaghosa approximately in 430 CE in Sri Lanka. It is considered the most important Theravada text outside of the Tipitaka canon of scriptures. The Visuddhimagga′s structure is based on the Ratha-vinita Sutta (“Relay Chariots Discourse,” MN 24), which describes the progression from the purity of discipline to the nibbana ( nirvana, liberation, unbinding, enlightenment ).

This significant Buddhist writing is now available online for reading, free of charge, for the first time. Thanks to Pearl for bringing this to my attention:

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  1. jlwilson58 says:

    Steve and Pearl,

    Thanks for this material.

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