Meditate More, “Default Node Network” Less

The LA times has an article about an interesting new study by the National Academy of Sciences. There is something in the brain called the “default node network” which is what gets activated in human brains, when the mind is not consciously directed toward a task. The “default node network” is what gets activated for daydreaming, remembering the past and discerning other people’s motivations.

The National Academy Of Science study defined “mental control” as the ability to keep the “default node network” from activating. The study found that experienced mediators have much more of an ability to control the activation of the “default node network: than non-meditators or novice meditators. This enhanced ability to control the “default node network” existed even when the veteran meditators were not meditating.

The study also found that veteran meditators had more connections between the cognitive control centers in their brains and the parts of their brains that run the “default node network”.

The article mentioned that people who daydream less, get depressed less and that meditation appears to ameliorate attention deficit disorder.

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2 Responses to Meditate More, “Default Node Network” Less

  1. DIESEL says:

    Meditation can lead to many amazingly humbling experiences. It has so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, it would be stupid to not practice it. Strange how many of us don’t.

    Nice post! 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Fascinating articles about studies scientifically documenting the benefits of meditation should help change that! 🙂

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