3 Small Suttas That Could Change The Way You Think About Buddhism

The Pali Canon has many, many suttas ( discourses from the Buddha ). The 3 small suttas below are often overlooked, but can change the way you think about Buddhism greatly. These suttas are:

  1. The Peg (Ani Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya XX.7)
  2. Unconjecturable (Acintita Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya IV.77)
  3. To Sivaka (Moliyasivaka Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya XXXVI.21)

In The Peg the Buddha predicts that his teachings will become distorted over time and described how he thinks it will happen.

In the sutta Unconjecturable, the Buddha lists several things that ordinary human beings can’t learn for themselves. One of these things is the exact set of actions that through kamma, have led to a person’s conditions in the present.

In the sutta To Sivaka, the Buddha states that not all events that happen to a person are the result of kamma.

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One Response to 3 Small Suttas That Could Change The Way You Think About Buddhism

  1. divadsirrah says:

    Not that the Buddha will lose any luster, but one of the Unconjecturable is in the range of understanding, that being the origin of the world…. Now with the new neural imaging The jhana-range of a person in jhana may be decipherable via technology but it is useless information for all but the mediator experiencing jhana

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