Discussion: Right Action

The discussion on Friday 2012 April 13th 7:00 PM – 8:50 PM will be led by Jim

This will be the last planned discussion on Right Action.

From Jim:

During the current week, to prepare for the talk, please mindfully observe your daily life and decision making process:

  • Is it always easy and obvious what right action is?
  • Is it right action to pay for a piece of chicken at the grocery store, when you know the point of sale computer system orders another chicken to be killed.
  • If you know that Trader Joe’s eliminates the lowest 20% of their demand, should this affect what you buy?
  • What have you done this week that turned out to be clearly right?

Could you please take a look at these suttas and bring copies this FRI night? I will bring a very few copies for newcomers.

  • MN 53 Sekha-patipada Sutta: The Practice for One in Training
    • See paragraph 9 which B. Bodhi translates, “And how is a noble disciple moderate in eating? …”
    • Note our functional relationship with food.
  • MN 151 The Purification of Almsfood.
    • I will bring copies of B. Bodhi’s translation in the Middle Length Discourses.
    • I could not find this sutta on the Internet.
    • Is our relationship to the food the nutrition it provides, while WE work on our own conduct?
  • MN 55 To Jivaka.
    • I will bring copies of B. Bodhi’s translation in the Middle Length Discourses. I could not find it on the Internet.
    • This is a sutta on food. Note the concern regarding cruelty, which I understand to be rare in the suttas.
    • Should we know how our food comes to us?

I am deeply indebted to Michael Roehm who taught us on these  suttas  on SEPT 10, 2010.

On a different subject, if we can get the technology to work, let’s take a look at B. Bodhi giving a lecture to Google at their world headquarters

Hope to see you on the 13th!

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