Ajahn Brahm’s Meditation Instruction Channel

In a previous post I mentioned that Ajahn Brahm and the Dhammloka society have a youtube channel where they post weekly 1 hour long dhamma talks.   Ajahn Brahm and the Dhammaloka society have now added a new youtube channel for weekly guided meditation instructions.   If you have a Gmail, Google or YouTube account you can sign up to have an automatic email sent to you whenever they upload a new video.   Ajahn Brahm is a former British scientist turned Theravada monk.   He is a gifted meditation and dhamma teacher.   He has  a solid understanding of the Pali Canon,  a solid understanding for the original inspiration behind those teachings,  a solid understanding of the mind of the modern common person and a powerful ability to communicate about these things effectively, in a unique, down to Earth easily accessible manner.

I’ve only see one of his new video meditations so far, but I thought the first 15 minutes where he gives instructions were fantastic for the reasons mentioned above.   At least to me, extremely useful and uncommonly good:

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