The Seven Sets: Concentration: Abandoning Hindrances

The next discussion will be from 4:00 PM – 5:40 PM, Saturday, 2012 July 28.

From John:

The Five Hindrances are defined as

…negative mental states that impede our practice and lead us toward unwholesome action. All of us have no doubt experienced how sensual desire, anger, sloth, restlessness, and doubt can overtake our minds—not to mention our meditation practice. These negative mind states have enormous potency, and it is difficult to pry ourselves loose from their grasp. In fact, sometimes we take perverse pleasure in indulging them, which of course makes them doubly difficult to overcome. We nurture desire for an inappropriate person; we brood over an argument with a friend; we content ourselves with an outmoded routine or relationship; we obsessively second-guess even the smallest of decisions; we allow ourselves to be consumed with doubts rather than resolving them 

On Saturday July 28th, we explore the five hindrances as described in the suttas (at numerous place and numerous times) and discuss how the Buddha recommended that we strive to overcome them. The sources we will be using are:

  1. Selected portions of: MN 39: Maha-Assapura Sutta: The Greater Discourse at Assapura
  2. Selected portions of: MN 10: The Foundations of Mindfulness/The Discourse on the Arousing of Mindfulness/Frames of Reference
  3. And the following Wheel Publication:

I will bring some additional hard copies for those who can’t access this information via the Internet.

Thanks and see you on Saturday.


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