Saturday: The 4 Foundations Of Mindfulness ( continued )

Following the brief hiatus for August vacations and September retreats, the Washington D.C. Buddhist Studies Group is slated to resume its bi-weekly sutta studies meeting on Saturday, September 29th starting at 4:00 pm at the Washington Buddhist Vihara located at 5017 16th St. in Washington D.C.

The sutta discussion will be led by Jim Binkley who will resume his examination of the Satipatthana, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, from May 11th of this year. Jim has collected a wealth of information and materials on the four Foundations, including a video by Ajahn Brahmali. Jim’s goal is to, by the end of the discussion, help you:

  • Name the Four Foundations.
  • Decide which one or ones you want to emphasize in your current practice.
  • Experience the support these give to your mindfulness, both in meditation and everyday life

Please join us for this exciting and informative program.

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