Buddhism or Buddhism Lite? The Truths of the Heart

On Friday 2012 October 12th from 7:00 PM – 8:45 PM, Andrew will lead a discussion entitled

“Buddhism or Buddhism Lite?” on

Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s “Affirming the Truths of the Heart: The Buddhist Teachings on Samvega & Pasada”
Learning objectives include:
– Define the meaning of Samvega and Pasada
– Identify some problematic interpretations in American Buddhism
relating to samvega
– Explore our own resistance to samvega and tough Dhamma concepts

Come and learn about this stimulating, deep and useful paper and its transformative ideas!

Also, new attendees — please tell us what topics and plans will be useful to you!

Our goal — To support and enhance participants’ practice and knowledge of Buddhism

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