Now Available — Unravelling the Mysteries of Mind & Body Through Abhidhamma, by Sayalay Susila


Unravelling the Mysteries of Mind & Body was initially derived from a series of talks on Abhidhamma presented by Sayalay Susila on her trips around Canada and the U.S. in 2002. Told how helpful these talks were, Sayalay developed them into this book, now in its second edition. At first glance the Abhidhamma can appear so complicated as to be impenetrable, and therefore may seem dull and irrelevant. That it has been largely ignored, then, comes as no surprise. Sayalay Susila makes Abhidhamma accessible by employing direct and concrete language, simple analogies, and clear anecdotes primarily based on the experiences of meditators. She draws out the essence of Abhidhamma from its vast and complex matrix and, by doing so, relates it to daily life in a way practitioners will find meaningful, including concentration and insight meditation instruction to tie together practice and theory. In this way analytical knowledge becomes available for direct realization in meditation. By providing clarity, this book helps practitioners come to a knowledge and vision of Abhidhamma as a path revealed by the Buddha, and shows that its application leads to happiness, both mundane and supramundane.
There are two ways to order the book:

1. Order the book now from Malaysia (approximate 2-week delivery for a shipping cost of $12.55). Donations can be made by credit card through PayPal. To order, you open a PayPal account; choose > Buy > Make a Payment > To: Any questions with the PayPal process should be directed to

2. Order the book in approximately 4 and half months when it becomes available on

All proceeds from the book will go to support the establishment of Appamada Vihari, Sayalay’s new Meditation Centre. This is the opportunity given by Sayalay Susila for us to accumulate supportive merit to help our spiritual path.

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