Three Strategies and Five Daily Recollections

Jim will be conducting a group discussion entitled The Three Strategies and Five Daily Recollections on September 28th Saturday 4 – 5:40 PM at The Washington D.C. Buddhist Vihara.

We have been following a plan that is building a shared foundation for all our participants — from lifelong Buddhists to newcomers. Please see the attached plan.

For those who did not participate in previous sessions, key concepts will be reviewed.

At this Saturday’s meeting, we will discuss “Continually Letting Go of Suffering” in yellow on the plan.

Also, please see this Sutta (discourse) of the Buddha —

The goals of the next session are to help you:
— Understand the Three Characteristics of all things.

— Explore questions such as — Are these realistic, life affirming or pessimistic? How quickly do they reduce (or eliminate) suffering?

— Decide how you will use these in your practice.

Hard copies will be provided. Please join us!

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2 Responses to Three Strategies and Five Daily Recollections

  1. Steve says:

    If anyone is interested here is a short post I made about The Five Daily Recollections in February of last year:

  2. asenerchia says:

    Thanks for a great discussion this past Saturday! I mentioned a collection of talks, so I just wanted to share these links with the group.

    The first is a “CD” of talks, readings & meditations entitled “A Refuge from Death.” It can be accessed here:

    I suggest downloading the whole CD, but the tracks are also available individually. A hard copy of the CD is available by writing to the monastery.

    Secondly, there is also a great guide, “Beyond Coping: A Study Guide on Aging, Illness and Death.” It is available here: or alternately on the Access to Insight website under Study Guides.

    A hard copy of the book may also be available by writing to the monastery.

    All of these materials are from Thanissaro Bhikku, and I have found them very useful. It would be wonderful if others would share talks, texts & practices on these topics which have helped them, that these insights might benefit us all.

    Be well!

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