The Ten Perfections

SAT APR 26, 4 – 5:40 PM. 
Chris will lead a discussion on The Ten Perfections.
He will be covering number 7, Truth (sacca) and be leading from —

A wonderful document by the revered American monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu   — “The Ten Perfections: A Study Guide.” —

Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta

Saccavibhanga Sutta.

Please consider reading, printing and bringing selected parts of these to the session.

As background The perfections are:
• generosity
• morality
• renunciation
• wisdom, insight
• energy, effort
• patience, tolerance
• truthfulness, honesty
• determination
• loving friendliness
• equanimity, serenity
For those who could not attend earlier sessions, key points will be recapped.
Hope you can participate in this great subject and stay for meditation 6 – 7 PM!

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