Next Meeting Washington D.C. Buddhist Studies Group — This FRI, NOV 8, 7 – 8:45 PM

The Studies Group realized that there is a wide range of experience in our meetings.

This can make the study of suttas (discourses, generally by the Buddha) and their vital topics inefficient.

We determined that a common foundation in the Dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha) was needed.
We are discussing topics in a plan that is building an effective and solid foundation.

For those who did not participate in previous sessions, key concepts will be reviewed.

The learning objectives of the next session are to help you:
— Understand the last two Daily Recollections; and why the Buddha wants us to reflect on them.

— Define Kamma (or Karma) and how it directly affects the Recollections and how to develop good Kamma and good results here and now.

— Understand causative factors beyond Kamma and how the spiritual path brings happiness (here and now) even in these cases.

Limited hardcopies will be provided for newcomers.

Please join us Friday!

Our group’s goal — To support and enhance participants’ practice and knowledge of Buddhism

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