Intro To Wings To Awakening

Friday 7:00 PM – 8:45 PM 2014 August 08

Diane has graciously agreed to lead an introduction this Friday, August 8, 78:45 PM on The Wings to Awakening.  She plans to share some highlights from her recent month long retreat at the Forest Refuge, especially on faith (the faculty of conviction), right effort and persistence.  At the retreat, Bhante Khippapanno taught the factors of awakening during 13 hour-long dhamma talks.

You might want to look through the attached and read pages 3 through 14, paying particular attention to what the Buddha said on page 3.  Also please note the very helpful summary of the Wings to Awakening on pages 13 and 14.  How many of these are already familiar but with different names?  Diane wants you to please feel welcome to join whether or not you have had the time to read.

Thanks to Charles, here are the Access to Insight links to the guide:


And here are the links:


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