Discussion: Wings To Awakening 2014 September 12

Andrew will be leading the discussion.  He will build on Diane’s introduction August 8.  For those who missed her session, there will be a recap.

This will be an exceptional, heart and practice based set of discussions.

Andrew requests that you read The Wings to Awakening, PART III: THE BASIC FACTORS A., Conviction down to the quotes from Sutta’s.

In the edition attached below, this is pp. 168 to 173.

Going with Robert’s original plan Andrew says, “I’d prefer it if people read with the heart in mind, rather than their mind in mind, that is, ask where am I resisting the Buddha’s teachings of the 37 Wings?  Where do I feel that screech in my heart?  Where do I go sleepy or blurry eyed?  If folks could highlight those points in the readings with a small pencil mark, rather than — at least on a first read– focusing on summary sentences that capture the essence of a thought, I think that would give us some material to discuss the extent this valuable book can be applied to people’s practices.”

Also please read the introduction to PART I: BASIC PRINCIPLES A. Skillfulness with the same strategy in mind for recording what your reactions are in particular places in the readings (the attached, this material is from pp. 32 – 39).

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