Changing the effects of kamma

Saturday, November 22nd, 4 – 5:40 PM

The Vihara’s meditation monk, Bhante Wataratana, will continue discussing how kamma (karma), or the effects of kamma can be enhanced or thwarted by certain conditions, as listed in the Vibhanga of the Abhidamma Pitaka.  These are as follows:

Perfection of Place – Gatisampatti
Perfection of Personality – Upadhisampatti
Perfection of Time – Kalasampatti
Perfection of Completeness of Activities – Payogasampatti

Disaster of Place – Gativipatti
Disaster of Personality – Upadhivipatti
Disaster of Time – Kalavipatti
Disaster of the Completeness of Activities – Payogavipatti

Bhante asked us to review these conditions and their effects for our next session.  Also, Bhante has provided the attached article to review on the subject.  For those who have missed previous sessions, a review will be given.

Please note that he is able to teach only once a month and is teaching a subject of depth and importance that very few could present.  Please do not miss this special opportunity.

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