What Makes You *Not* a Buddhist

Andrew will be leading a discussion on the book “What Makes You Not A Buddhist” over these two sessions:

February 06 Friday     7 – 8:45 PM

March 13    Friday     7 – 8:45 PM

The author of this book, throws down the gauntlet, challenging common misconceptions, stereotypes, and fantasies. With wit and irony, he urges readers to move beyond the superficial trappings of Buddhism straight to the heart of what the Buddha taught. The text is not freely available, so Andrew will bring a copy for discussion.

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2 Responses to What Makes You *Not* a Buddhist

  1. asenerchia says:

    That’s an interesting book choice.

    I’ll admit that it is really the book that caught my attention, firing up my curiosity about Buddhism and leading me eventually to the Theravada tradition.

    The author of this book, Dzongsar Jamayng Khentse Rinpoche is also the director or “Travellers & Magicians” and “The Cup,” two films that are interesting to watch, particularly for the glimpse at Bhutanese culture – DJKR is from Bhutan – and into the activities or a Vajrayana monastery. He also happens to be the star of a documentary called “Words of My Perfect Teacher” (which is the name of a seminal text in Tibetan/Bhutanese Buddhism written by Patrul Rinpoche in, I believe, the 1800’s), although I have to admit that I preferred the documentary a lot less than the other two.

    The book certainly speaks in a very motivating voice, one which spurred me to make the leap into Buddhism. I’m fairly certain, however, that some may find the approach a touch agressive. Of note, of course, is that this is a Vajrayana text, and readers will see that there are many differences between it and Theravadan Buddhism in the specific details of the teachings.

    I am in possesion of a copy of this book which I am more than happy to give up (it’s not really a text that I count among those I need to reread) as well as a copy of “Words of My Perfect Teacher” by Patrul Rinpoche (the Yale edition).

  2. asenerchia says:

    Thinking about what I wrote, I hope that no one takes/took my comments negatively. After all, I always send metta to the author for being the one who opened my world to the Dhamma!

    I believe that this is a very good discussion book. If I am able, I will try to attend the discussions, as I am sure Andrew will have thoughtful and insightful things to say on the text.

    Be well!


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