Dhammadharini – Restoring The Bhikkhuni Sangha.


I recently flew out to California to hear Ajahn Brahm speak at several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Ajahn Brahm, being based in Perth Australia, rarely comes to the United States.   His reason for coming?  To support Dhammadharini in establishing a permanent Theravada Buddhist convent in California.

These bhikkhunis are fully ordained Theravada Buddhist nuns and they want that opportunity to be extended to other women interested in following the Buddhist path.

Their goal is to raise sufficient funds by 2015 March 31 so that they can obtain the development of a permanent convent in the United States where more women can be fully ordained and fully follow the Buddhist monastic path.

Please read more about Dhammadharini at their web site and their Facebook page.

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