Dependent Origination Sat 2015 June 27

Saturday 2015 June 27
4:00 PM – 5:40 PM

In response to a member’s request, Jim plans to facilitate a discussion on Dependent Origination (DO) .

Attendees will learn to:
• demystify this complex concept which Bhikkhu Bodi calls the philosophical foundation of the Buddha’s teaching.
• identify the most important factors on which to focus in their daily life.
• use mindfulness to manage parts of the dependent origination process to promote their and others well being .

Please print, read, study and bring the three files:

1.  The FIRST is a discussion outline used during four sessions on DO in the Washington DC Buddhist Studies Group DEC 2012 through JAN 2013.

2. The SECOND contains several items:
1.  An outline of the Upanisa Sutta.  This is one of my favorite suttas on the subject since it shows the transcendental (transcending all suffering, participating in limitlessness) potential of Dependent Origination.
2.  The Upanisa Sutta.
3.  A page entitled, “The Noble Persons…”  This presents information about those spiritual women and men who have experienced the transcendental.  Note the things eliminated and see how it relates to the flow chart and sutta.
4. A table of the Seven Sets about which the Buddha said:

“So this is what you think of me:  The Blessed One, sympathetic, seeking our well-being, teaches the Dhamma out of sympathy.  Then you should train yourselves—harmoniously, cordially, and without dispute—in the qualities I have pointed out, having known them directly: the four frames of reference, the four right exertions, the four bases of power, the five faculties, the five strengths, the seven factors for Awakening, the noble eightfold path.”
—MN 103

Please think about how these seven sets relate to experiencing the transcendent.
3. The THIRD file, “The Essence of What the Buddha Discovered,” is a discussion of DO by one of my teachers.


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