New Buddhist Studies Course, Sterling VA


New semester on Tuesday 2016 April 5th at the Wat Yarnee Buddhist temple in Sterling,VA., 2 miles off of the Rte 28 exit.

Please contact our website, for directions.

We study the 4 noble truths, the eightfold path to enlightenment, 5 precepts, 5 hindrances and the five aggregates.

The course is free,we provide all study materials,no homework,no forms to fill out;just show up any Tuesday at 4:15 pm at the temple & we will teach you what the Buddha taught his disciples 2500 years ago.


Call Chuck at 571-278-6922 or E-Mail him at olympioh2 AT gmail DOT com

The Silver Spring Sutta Study Group

The Silver Spring Sutta Study Group group meets the second Tuesday of each month in Silver Spring from 7:30-9:30.

Everyone who is interested from absolute beginners to more advanced students are welcome.

For more information please contact Catherine Brousseau:  cbrousseau -AT- rcn -DOT- com

DC Dana Village

The DC Dana Village aims to be an organization of volunteers that practice the Buddhist value of dana ( generosity ) through serving others. We conduct various activities, including social activities that are beneficial.

Some recent events include preparing food for the terminally ill, presenting a classic documentary film about insight meditation, gardening, and weekend trips to Buddhist monasteries and meditation centers.

We are affiliated with the Washington Buddhist Vihara.

To join our group and view a calendar of events please go to

The DC Dana Village.