Ajahn Brahm Meditation Retreat Videos

Ajahn Brahm is a former British physicist turned Theravada monk who established his own order in Austrailia after having studied under Ajahn Chah in Thailand. He is known for his exceptional communication ability, insight and humor. He also has innovative twists in how he teaches meditation which many claim produce better results for them. His book on the subject is “Mindful,Bliss And Beyond”

A new youtube channel has gone up where videos of his sequential talks from meditation retreats he has led can be viewed for free.

Link:  AjahnBrahmRetreats Youtube Channel

I watched the first video on “Letting Go” from his most recent retreat. If the other videos are half as good they are excellent.


Shinzen Young: Deep Concentration in Formal Meditation and Daily Life (Theory and Practice)

Google invites authors, researchers and artists — anyone with anything interesting to say, to come to Google to give talks to their employees.   Videos are made of these talks and put on youtube on the GoogleTalks channel.  In this talk, Shinzen Young, a westerner, a former monk, a scientist and a professional meditation teacher introduces the audience at Google to “concentration”.

Young claims that concentration……bringing the mind back to an object after a distraction,  is a basic skill at the base of all human endeavors.    This is a very clear, down to Earth, accessible talk

Ajahn Brahm’s Meditation Instruction Channel

In a previous post I mentioned that Ajahn Brahm and the Dhammloka society have a youtube channel where they post weekly 1 hour long dhamma talks.   Ajahn Brahm and the Dhammaloka society have now added a new youtube channel for weekly guided meditation instructions.   If you have a Gmail, Google or YouTube account you can sign up to have an automatic email sent to you whenever they upload a new video.   Ajahn Brahm is a former British scientist turned Theravada monk.   He is a gifted meditation and dhamma teacher.   He has  a solid understanding of the Pali Canon,  a solid understanding for the original inspiration behind those teachings,  a solid understanding of the mind of the modern common person and a powerful ability to communicate about these things effectively, in a unique, down to Earth easily accessible manner.

I’ve only see one of his new video meditations so far, but I thought the first 15 minutes where he gives instructions were fantastic for the reasons mentioned above.   At least to me, extremely useful and uncommonly good: